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Three Cycles. Endless Options.

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  • Normal Pressure 

  • 2 Minute Cycle

  • Normal Final Rinse

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  • High Pressure 

  • 5 Minute Cycle

  • Elevated Final Rinse

Glass White.png
  • Low Pressure 

  • 2 Minute Cycle

  • Extended Final Rinse

Compact Design

At just 33.5" high, the CADET is perfect for small businesses looking for a compact unit. With easy-to-access components from the front, service is quick and efficient. 

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Front View with PPE.png
Washes Ware and PPE

Any personal protective equipment you need cleaned, the CADET can handle with ease. Simply load your face shields, foot ware, or goggles onto the dish rack and run it like a regular cycle.

Premier in Every Way

As part of our Premier Series, we hold the CADET to our highest standards at Insinger. Manufactured for a streamlined dishwashing experience, it makes operation comfortable and efficient. 

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In stock and ships today!
Full Specifications
  • Three dedicated wash cycles (Dishware, Cookware, Glassware)

  • Meets and exceeds Energy Star 2.0 rating

  • Extremely quiet with sound suppression lined panels. Rated at <65dB

  • Built-in atmospheric booster with dedicated rinse pump provide consistent, constant 180°F hot water to properly sanitize ware—no external booster required 

  • 110°F recommended inlet water temperature; 70°F minimum required water temperature. Perfect for Day cares, Nursing Homes, and Small Cafes. 

  • 30 racks per hour

  • Only 0.8 gal (3L) of water per rack

  • Full stainless steel construction inside and out for durability

  • Tank has rounded corners for easy cleaning

  • Electronic PCB control with temperature display, LED indicator lamps, and self-diagnostics for serviceability

  • Single phase (1PH) electrical connection, field-convertible to three phase (3PH) with included copper jumper connectors

  • Waterproof membrane control switches

  • No need for PRV (Pressure Regulating Valve).

  • Built-in detergent and rinse aid dispensers with EZ Prime system

  • Automatic pumped drain with removable overflow tube

  • Single step drain and clean system

  • Dedicated timed de-lime cycle to eliminate limescale build-up

  • Revolving interchangeable stainless steel upper and lower wash/rinse arms provide superior results

  • Door opening is 13 3/16” for maximum clearance

  • Easy to service—all components accessible from the front of machine

  • Sound suppression lined panels

  • Comes standard with: 1 Plate rack, 1 Cup rack, 1 Glass Rack, 2 Cutlery Cups

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